COVID Testing

Mobile COVID Testing

We offer mobile testing if you are locally based in Az. Call our office to schedule an appointment and we will come to you! Testing takes 15 minutes to administer and receive results on the spot.

$155 for Mobile Covid testing

*Shipped Tests include a consultation with our physician via telemedicine. No need to leave your home, our physician will walk you through the process of administering your test at home as well as consult and interpret your results with you with a one on one consultation. This is scheduled at the time you order your test, so once your test arrives you can seamlessly test at home with a licensed physician.

We are now offering Rapid Covid testing available through our telemedicine platform. The process is simple and convenient, allowing you to test from the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

1. Place your order for a Covid antibody test.

2. Make payment and schedule your telemedicine appointment.

3. Wait for the arrival of your kit (We mail this same day, please allow for standard shipping times)

4. Receive your kit and attend your telemedicine appointment. Our physician will walk you through how to administer your test and interpret your results.

5. Receive your official results via email once your appointment is complete.

Our tests provide results based on past exposure and will tell you if you have ever been exposed. This test detects antibodies produced from the Covid 19 infection and will allow peace of mind indicating past exposure and possible asymptomatic infection.

The test requires just a small finger prick of blood and results are ready in just 5 to 15 minutes.

Test results help indicate whether you are positive for the antibodies produced by the COVID-19 infection or positive for past infection. Results are most accurate at 3 weeks post viral exposure.

For any test done on-site or shipped, an intake is required to be completed.

Please complete the following 2-page intake prior to arrival or placing an order.


Rapid COVID Testing

Order your testing kit directly, receive it within 3- 5 business days. Test at home and our licensed physician will walk you through step by step via our telemedicine platform. Secure, confidential and convenient.

COVID testing kits ship nationwide for $145.

Family COVID testing kits (5 Tests) $525.

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